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DISCLAIMER: I am not associated with Nintendo. The Super Mario franchise is a property of Nintendo. This is a non-profit fan project made from my enjoyment of the Super Mario series. Please support the official Mario games.

A Mario game inspired by the Super Mario Bros trilogy and Super Mario World made using the Hello Engine. 4 Months after the events in Super Mario World. Mario decides to relax in the peaceful Sakura Kingdom. However it was cut short when mario was on a stroll, enjoying the scenery and he found a single goomba.


super mario escapade.zip 63 MB

Development log


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Can you make it for webgl and android but no exe file or ect

How can you can you play this on your phone if you can't can you make where you can play it on your phone please


I was whist they had a LEVEL EDITIOR to place Lakitu's Shoe and Tanooki Suit & Hammer suit I can Savatage Sniffits etc



+1 for linux, i put a wine entry (will be visible after validation)

(2 edits)

Good game and fun from the start

Starmen crash the game when I try to get them (Might be device related since I saw a ytuber play and stars didn't crash his game, please tell me why, if u can't that's ok)

Edit: Getting powerups from Hammer Bros loot chests also crash the game, IDK about Toad Houses cos I haven't made it that far yet

Can you download this for mac?


Man, BTG played this!

ah yes another blue television games fan,?



This is pretty cool! I love it!

This looks awesome. I love the way you used NES graphics


I new to this kind of thing so can you tell me how to run the game?

why you replying to a comment simply saying cool when it'd make more sense to make your own comment?